Tumblers are popular, not only because of their fantastic design, but also because they help to keep you hydrated throughout the day. They are made from a variety of materials, ranging from plastic and glass to stainless steel and ceramic.

Plastic tumblers are usually inexpensive and can be found in many colors and designs. Glass tumblers tend to be more expensive than plastic ones, but they often have more decorative features such as handles or lids that can make them look more elegant.

In addition to being able to carry water around with you wherever you go, a studded tumbler also helps to keep your drinks cold longer than they would if they were left in a regular cup or mug. This is especially helpful when you’re at work and have access to hot beverages like coffee or tea all day long!

What’s the Difference Between A Tumbler and A Cup?

There are many differences between a tumbler and a cup. Tumblers are smaller than cups, which makes them easier to handle. Because they are smaller, they can be stored in small spaces. Cups do not have handles and they are larger than tumblers.

Cakes can be put in tumblers and coffee can be served from tumblers but not from cups. Tumblers can also hold more liquid than cups because of their smaller size. Also, tumblers come with tops that fit on the mouths of the glasses so that people can drink their drinks without touching them directly with their lips or fingertips (Cup).

The advantages of using a tumbler over a cup include:

1.You can easily drink from it without spilling over because there is no lip on the rim like there is with cups.

2.They are easy to clean without having to worry about scratches or stains that often happen when using cups.

3. They are more durable than cups because they don’t break as easily when dropped or bumped into something hard like the side of your desk at work or table at home.

4.More hygienic

You should never use a cup on a normal basis because it creates too many germs for your body to handle. Even when you wash your hands after drinking from the cup, there is still some bacteria left on the surface of the glass that could potentially cause an infection. Using a tumbler instead eliminates this risk completely as there is no way for bacteria to survive in its insides.

5.Keeps drinks cold longer

A large part of why people enjoy iced coffee is because it keeps the coffee warm for much longer than hot coffee would have done before it got iced over night in a drink cooler or freezer (which is actually how most coffee shops keep their drinks).


For people looking to drink more water during the day, picking the right container isn’t just a matter of finding a cup that you like. There are actually several types of containers available, including tumblers . Visit Alibaba today for a tumbler that fits your needs.


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