Accessories, if taken care of, can go the extra mile. Electronics are wonderful and benefit us greatly, but they require maintenance, which is necessary if you want them to live longer.

Batteries are stout accessories that fuel our laptops. Following a protocol to maintain them is mandatory for their efficiency and a better life. People are not usually aware of using newly bought laptops and batteries correctly. They put them to work randomly, leading to unpleasant future consequences.

This blog post educates you on how to maintain the Battery for HP807965-001.

Basic Method to Maintain HP 807956-001 Laptop Battery


A good start to every new event is meaningful. Generally, if you properly initiate a task, you will see how long-lasting ad strong the outcomes are. This rule, when applied to electronics, is of great worth.

By rule, activation is the first step. If activation is done rightly for batteries, life grows a bit more. You will be surprised that a brand-new laptop carries 3% power when it leaves the factory outlet. In other words, buying a new laptop will have a 3% charge at that point.

The best way to activate your battery is not to plug your laptop/battery directly as soon as you inaugurate it. Consume the 3% charge first. Once it discharges, connect the external power supply and charge the laptop for 12 hours straight. Once charged, use it to the fullest until it drains out.

Repeat these steps three times, and this is where you hit the nail on the head! Activation is rightly done!

Reduce the number of uses

Experts recommend reducing the number of uses. Life cycles are attributed to the number of uses. Each time you charge the battery, it loses a cycle, and life reduces. If you wish to maintain your HP battery, the best way is to remove the battery, set it aside, and run your laptop directly using the external power supply. This hack helps you save many life cycles, and the battery stays intact and healthy for longer.

Avoid Draining the Battery

Draining a battery and recharging it is destructive to the battery’s wellbeing. The best way is to recharge it once it reaches 30%. The reckless practice of recharging t when it runs out of charge is lethal and wouldn’t let your battery survive for long.

Long Charging Hours

12 hours is the standard time for charging the laptop. Long charging hours can bring no good to the battery. Unlikely, plugging the charger over days and nights to toss it with charge can ultimately reduce the life service and productivity of the laptop.

Running Heavy Programs

Be careful with watching heavy programs and running 3D games; too often, since energy is required to run these upscale programs, the work intensity of the battery and laptop increases. Putting them in a strenuous situation then affects the life services.

Heat Problems and Moisture

The laptop’s heat rejection problem is an enemy to the battery’s health. You need to properly handle the computer’s heat for the survival of the battery. Environmental factors like moisture is a threat to the battery. It is therefore recommended to keep the laptop in a relatively dry place.


The HP 807956-001 battery is a valuable accessory that helps you run your laptop. It is better to maintain the battery a certain way. This increases the battery’s life services. Activate your battery according to the set rules. Reduce the number of uses. Do not let it drain out completely. Charge it relevantly. Handle it tactfully, shielding it against heat and moisture. Running heavy programs can reduce life expectancy, so take care of it!


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