The power washer is a serious power tool and you mush should have some search that professionals use before you begin power washing.

Professional Tips about Pressure Washing

It may seem simple but you have to be very careful because you are dealing with a powerful engine and dealing with a wand that has a lot of PSI to it.

Eye Protection

If you think of it like a nail gun you are going to get the same recoil. Therefore before getting started into pressure washing make sure you have Eye Protection glasses.

Be Careful while on Ladder

If you are washing a high roof area or something which is on top and you cant get there while standing you would have to use a ladder to step up to get one step closer to your respective area but always keep in mind when pressure washing can be very dangerous as it has very high-pressure recoil and you ladder could be displaced and you might get imbalanced and get hurt.

Wear the Rough Outfit

This isn’t much quiet about safety but you are going to be wet. This isn’t a business casual type of event. Make sure you are wearing some old clothes you won’t mind getting wet.


Pressure washing is all about PSI (pressure per square inch) and GMP (gallons per minute) and if we get the multiple of it we would get our cleaning units. For example, the cleaning units required to pressure wash a normal car are 2,000-2,800 units and for a house is different therefore total cleaning units depend on the size of a surface.

Places to Avoid while Pressure Washing

If you are pressure washing around the house be careful not to use a pressure wash on any windows that seems there is caulking or right around the edges of the doors. Take a step back so there won’t be quite as much pressure.

Safety for the living Creature

Always pressure wash outdoor while washing a car and even if you are pressure washing a house there might be some plants, grasses, wild lizards, small insects, or your pet around the house so always inspect around the house before getting a start, and if you find any take them away.

Be safe

When starting pressure wash take a good look around the house if any open electrical outlet, exterior light bulbs, any open holes,  secure it with a cover by a plastic wrap or duct tape because water from these openings could get in while washing and cause leaks in the house.

Don’t take the pressure on any human even in the joy because ut has a serious pressure and can hurt and even kill. Avoid children reaching it.

Don’t be hasty

If you plan to paint after pressure washing make sure you give it a couple of days to fully dry before moving on to the next step.


Whether you are planning to get a pressure wash yourself I hope you walk away from this article and by the end of it feel completely confident in knowing how to pressure wash like professionals.


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